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Food glorious food

There are two different kind of food in the world : healthy or unhealthy food. The mayority of people prefer unhealthy food nobody knows why.
For  this reason  a lot of people need to do diets.
In Spain for example people go on  diets, but not everyday, because the mayority of people skip the diets for some reason or other : " go out for lunch "
I think this is an excuse to skip your diet, because at a restaurant you can order healthy food, but people
say : " for one day it doesn't matter". So in my opinion this is the problem of Spanish diets.

Claudia Castro

I think, food is more a pleasure than fuel we have to eat because its is necessary to have enough energy to do everything every day . Another reason  why is it  better to think of food as a pleasure is because its healthy to  eat different kinds of food a  lot of tasty flavours . So this is why I think it  is better to think  as food as  a pleasure.

Sergio de Juan Galán

I think that people in Ceuta eat badly because there is a Burger King and  a Mc Donald's and  the mayority  of people go there and eat so much for example three hamburgers or something like that.
I hardly ever have breakfast but if I do I have  some toast with jam or butter with a glass of milk or hot chocolate. I always eat at the High school about 11:15 .I eat a sandwich with boiled  ham.
There are a lot of people that love eating because they enjoy it but there a lot of people that don't like eating because they thing that they will get very fat like me.

José Manuel Domínguez Melgar

People normally eat unhealthy food but it could be because healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food or simply because they like it more.
For example in Spain, the most famous fast food restaurant is Mcdonalds. Proving food isn't expensive and it is very tasty.
An other famous restaurant is the K.F.C because the fries chicken is very good and the people love it.
In my opinion the most delious is Burguer King because it is the one that has more kinds of food athough it is one of the more expensive.
I think that people eat fast food because it is cheaper than healthy food.

Palma Arroyo Castillo

For many people food is an important part of our life but  other people think that food is a pleasure. Some people don't care about eating healthy but I th
 ink we need to eat well  for our body  and our health, for example: eating fast food every day is bad. People know that it's bad because today we have a lot of information about it but people don't care.

Sadra Gaona Duque

Food,there are many different kinds of food.
You can divide it in four groups: fruit,vegetables,meat and fish.

There are many different kinds of food all over the world, for example chinese people like rice with meat,japanese like sushi, indian like curry or england like roast beef .

During the day you can eat at breackfst a lot of chocolate a toast and some cereals,
At lunch time you can eat meat, fish , vegetables etc...
And for dinner you can eat some fish , a french omelette or a sandwich.

Edu Vargas Esteban

I dont like food so much but if I must eat something there are some kinds of food, I only like fast food or the very good food I dont love the food because I think it is necesary so it is a naturaly thing but I always respect the opinion of the people that says that the food is a pleasure because the people always respect my opinion

Alejandro Doncel Cabezón

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