sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

Do you ever cook?

I hardly ever cook, but I think I should learn, because it's useful and I like cooking. Also who knows it may help me get a girlfriend.
Sergio de Juan Galán

I sometimes cook but only when my parents aren't at home or when I would like to prepare a dessert, I would like  to learn more. My grandmother would like to teach me. I like cooking pancakes.
Sandra Gaona Duque

Yes, sometimes I cook but only when my mother has to go to work and very simple things like an omelette. I would like to learn to cook more things but my mum doesn't want to teach me so...
Sara Ahmadieh Mena

Yes, I always cook at the weekend because I want my mother to rest.She always does everything. I think it is a good way to help her.
Alejandro Doncel Cabezón

Yes,I do but I need to learn more.My dishes are very bad,so it's better that my mother helps me.
If I go to Malaga,my sister will teach me to cook healthy food.
José Domínguez Melgar

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