domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

Other and Another

1 - Would you likeglass of wine?.
2 - They’re going to buy computer.

3 - In this soup you can use carrots or vegetables.
4 - There are shops in the center.
5 - One day we went to beach. On occasion we went to the mountain.
6 - We work at the same company, but she works with  people.
7 - I have a lot to do this week. Let’s meet some time.
8 - They live in the city, but have house in the country.
9 - I like to go your party tonight, but i have things to do.

10 - My friend speaks three languages. One is japanese and  one is italian.

1. Yes, I know Brigit, but who is the  woman next to her?
2. She's seeing  man.' Does her boyfriend know?'
3. Tom and Jane have 4 children. They put the children to bed while the  did the cooking.
4. Rachel and Jeff are watching TV. The  girls are out.
5. You've already had six whiskies. ' only six? Give me  !
6. We still need  piano player.
7. We don't like these curtains.Could you show us some  ?
8. I've found one of my black shoes, but I can't find the .

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  1. 1.another 2.another 3.other
    4.other 5.another 6.other
    7.other 8.another 9.other
    1.other 2.another 3.other
    4.other 5.another 6.another
    7.others 8.other