jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

At the doctor (roleplay )

Ana R., Lucia and Marta
Doctor: Hi, could you tell me your name?
Patient: Hi, Miss Ruiz. I'm Lucia.
Doctor: What is the problem Lucia?
Patient: Well, I have had an upset  stomach for about three days and I can't stop going to the toilet.
Doctor: Have you got a stomachache?
Patient: Yes but only sometimes. And as you can see I also have a cold.
Doctor: Yes I can see that , you are using all my tissues.
Patient: Oh, I'm sorry but I have a runny nose.
Doctor: It's OK. Are you allergic to anything?
Patient: No.
Doctor: I think you can take some paracetamol for the stomachache and for the upset stomach you are going to take a tablet called "NOMORETOILET".
Patient: OK, and will it do the job?
Doctor: Yes and I also recommend that you eat chicken and rice and drink a lot of liquids.
Patient: Yes, I know when it started I didn't eat anything for  24 hours and I'm drinking a lot of water. Well thanks you very much. I'll come back if it doesn't get any  better. Bye.
Doctor: OK, take care. Bye.

Maria and Paula A.
Doctor: Hello.Come in and have a seat. What seems to be the problem?
Patient: Hello Miss Garcia. I feel very bad. I have a headache and runny nose.
Doctor: Have you got temperature?
Patient: Yes, yesterday I had 40º. Is  that serious?
Doctor: No, I think you have the flu. Are you allergic to anything?
Patient: No, I don't think so.
Doctor: OK, you should take some tablets for the temperature and your  headache ,your aches and pains.
Patient: I prefer power. Can I have  that in power form?
Doctor: Yes, of course. You have to take it every eight hours for one week.
Patient: OK, Bye.
Doctor: Bye.


Laura and Marta
Doctor:Hello,Marta.What´s the matter?
Marta:Hello,Miss De Ana. I have a sore throat
Doctor:Do you have a temperature?
Marta:Yes,it started two days ago.Is it serious?
Doctor:No,it isn´t. It´s only the  flu. Are you allergic to anything?
Marta:No,I´m not.What should I do?
Doctor:You should take three tablets per day every eight hours and you have to stay at home all week.
Marta:Ok,I´m going to do it. Thanks.

Laura and Miguel Ángel
Doctor:Hello,what seems to be your problem?
Miguel A:I fell over last night, and I think that I have a sprained my ankle.
Doctor:Ok,you should put this oinment on today and you should have and operation tomorrow.
Miguel A:It´s ok,what time will the operation be?
Doctor:It´s going to be at 8:30 in the morning. You shouldn´t eat anything the night before.
Miguel A:I´ll be there on  time and I´m not going to eat anything at night.
Doctor:Ok,so look after your foot. See you tomorrow then.


Natalia and Shelia 
Sheila:Hello,can I come in?
Doctor:Yes,of course.What seems to be the problem?
Sheila:It started two days ago. I´ve got a strong headache.
Doctor:Let´s have a look,is the pain getting worse?
Sheila:Not now,but it has been getting worse for the last   two days.
Doctor:Ok...Do you have any other symptoms?
Sheila:Oh,let me think. I can´t sleep,is this a symptom?
Doctor:I think so,I think you have stress.
Sheila:Oh,no, I don´t think so,did I tell you I have been being sick for last two weeks.
Doctor:So,let me think. You have food poising.
Sheila:Really?I think it´s only a hangover.Thanks for you help.
Doctor:So,lets see,you only have to rest 1 o 2 days,and if you get worse come back.
Sheila:Ok,thanks and goodbye.


Jesús and Paula P.
Paula:Good morning, Dr. Smith.
Jesús:Good morning.
Paula:I have a pain in my leg and I thought you could  have look at it.
Jesús:OK, come with me and lie down please.
Jesús:Well, you have broken  your leg . Have you knocked  it recently?
Paula.I don´t know. I don´t remember anything.
Jesús:OK, I will send you for an X-ray then. I will put your leg in plaster. And you will have to use crutches.
Paula:OK. What should I do?
Jesús:Now, you should take some tablets for the pain and you will come back again tomorrow.
Paula:OK, good bye, thanks.

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