sábado, 25 de noviembre de 2017

Housework B2

Housework is a thing that we all have to collaborate on. In my family, we all do it, but some of us more than others. I agree with the opinion that each person should help.

In my opinion parents should do more housework because they have more time. Students like my sister and I spend all morning in high school. When we get home we have lunch and then do homework. Which takes up all our time in the evening! 

But at  the weekends I contribute more. However, my parents still do the housework better. I suppose it's because of experience and I want to finish quickly to relax and play with friends.

I consider that I have to learn to do those things properly, and new types of housework, like ironing or using the washing machine.

Teens have to ask their parents to teach them how to do chores the first time, but then, they will learn and do it on their own without annoying anyone.

Pablo Piñero

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