viernes, 3 de marzo de 2017

My Favourite Picture

My favourite picture:

One of my favourite photos is this one, when I was on a naval ship with my aunt’s family. I took the photo last summer, when I was on a holiday with my aunt. We visited my aunt’s boyfriend, who was on the ship ( I can't remember its name). Her boyfriend works on the ship as a guard. He said the ship travelled the Atlantic Ocean.

When we were on the prow of the ship, a military man took the photo of my cousins and I. I love this photo because it was a fascinating experience. It was the first time that I was on a navy ship. It reminds me of the best day of the holiday. I have this photo on my phone and at gmail, with other photos from my holidays in Chiclana.

Maria F

My favourite photo is one of my best friend and I. A friend took the photo last summer. We were next to a park, near our flats.We were in the neighbourhood where we live. There were more people, but they weren´t in the photo because they didn’t want to be in pictures. It was at night and we were waiting for dinner. When my friend took it. I didn´t like it, but now it is my favourite photo with her. My friend took more photos, but we didn´t like them so much. It was my birthday, and we took lots of pictures because it was her present for me.

I love these photos because I like our clothes so much.  I wore my favourite t-shirt.

I have the photo on my mobile phone and in my bedroom.


My favourite picture is of a landscape.

It was taken by me. I took it during my last summer holidays. It was the Lake Titicaca; I was taking photos with a really good camera. It’s a boat on a lake; I was surprised because I’m usually bad at taking photos. There were some trees, too. It was a really peaceful location, and whenever I look at it, it calms me.

I have it as the screensaver of my telephone and computer.


When I took my favourite photo, I was alone. It was taken in Chiclana, last summer. I was walking around the house, when I noticed the sunset. I ran to my bedroom to get my camera. I took the picture, but I didn´t like it very much, so I took a second one. In the second one, I put my hands like
a bird, and it was amazing!

I have it on my camera.


One of my favourite photo is when I went to Disney Land Paris with my family. I took this photo in May of 2009 (I think). In this park I saw children wearing a fancy dress. The weather was cloudy. My sister and I saw Jack Sparrow and we took a photo with him. He was very handsome and this is my favourite photo because he is my favourite actor in the Pirates of the Caribe.

Angeles Naranjo

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