viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

Is school cool ?

I think school is good because later it will help me to get into university in the future. I'm a good student. On the other hand school is hard because the teachers send a lot of homework at the weekend which means that we don't have time for our family or other things which we like doing. I don't like it when the teachers put surprise exams on the same day.

Elena Moranta

What I like about school is when I am with my friends in the playground. Many times we go to the cafeteria to buy snacks. We laugh and talk about a lot of things. I always enjoy these moments with them . I also meet and get to know other people. My favourite subject is P.E because we do silly things which make us laugh all the time . Also it's great fun and I’m good at it. It's great that when we behave well the teacher sometimes takes us to run along the beach. My worst subject is Maths because I don't understand anything so it's very difficult for me. I also hate maths equations and problems.But my teacher is sometimes kind when he tells us jokes.

Naryis Aomar Group O

My favourite subject is science because it is good for me to learn things by using my memory. I like art because the class is very enjoyable . I hate geography because the teacher is very strict and he doesn't explain well.


I don`t like school because I have to get up very early. But I know that it is important because if you want to get a good job you need to study a lot. So I have to get good marks in science because I want to be a doctor so that I can help people with their health problems . My favourite subject is science and P.E. I like science because I`m good at it and you study very interesting things related with blood. My favourite place at school is the playground because we can play “miau” and basketball, but sometimes we just sit and talk about the school, our marks… Finally I think school is not so bad but in my opinion it would be great if we could have our lessons later and not so early.

Andrea Robledo

What I like about school is seeing all my friends. We talk about our exams, our lives or our teachers. My favourite subject is music because I love playing instruments. Also my teacher is kind . He puts very easy exams. In English my teacher is friendly and kind. I do my exams very well. I hate biology because the teacher is horrible . Even though I hate it I pass my very difficult exams.

Rania Mohamed

I really like P.E because I like sports. I am good at this subject. In P.E, some boys and I play football. I don't like Maths because the teacher is very strict. I am not very good at this subject, but I pass all my exams. I like the break time because I am with my friends.


What I really like about school is P.E because it is very cool and I don’t need to study. Break time is very short but I enjoy myself . I don't like maths because it is very difficult and the teacher is very strict. But the class is very funny because my school mates laugh very much. The science teacher gave me two disciplinary report for bad behaviour .


I think school is boring because you have to stay six hours in a classroom with a teacher. But on the other hand in the school you can play with your friends in the playground or talk with them. My favourite subjects are English and music. I hate art because I don't draw very well and the teacher is very strict . He shouts all the time because he says we are ¨Animals¨. I always have lunch in the playground. I don't like the cafeteria so much, there is a lot of people in it. When I finish my lunch I play with my friends to a invented game called ¨Friday 13¨ I always go to the school on my father's motorbike.

Daniel Castañeda Torres

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