sábado, 4 de marzo de 2017

Is food a pleasure for you?

I think it's a pleasure because food is necessary. We need to eat if we want to or not, so it's better to think of it as a pleasure.
Sergio de Juan Galán

No, because when I am eating I think about other things and not in the food. I sometimes like eating but only if when I like the meal a lot. I normally prefer the food my mum makes.
Sandra Gaona Duque

Yes, it is, especially when I am with the people I love. I can have fun while I am eating it. The thing is that after you eat, you sometimes feel bad but I think the mayority of times it is a pleasure.
Sara Ahmadieh Mena

In my opinion it is not a pleasure because food is necesary for our bodies. It isn´t something you can live without
Alejandro Doncel Cabezón

In my opinion, food isn't a pleasure. I normally don't like eating food. The main reason is because I'm  fussy, but also I don't enjoy food. So I think if eating wasn't necessary I wouldn't eat anything: It seems a waste of time to eat.
Miguel Ángel Piñero Vergara

Normally it isn't a pleasure because I think I will get fatter,but now it depends on the dishes and the moment of the day.But if it's dinner I prefer homemade food but at lunch I like variety of food,healthy or unhealthy food it's doesn't mutter.
José Domínguez Melgar

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