domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

My perfect girlfriend/boyfriend

At the moment, I don't want a grilfriend because, I'm fine without one . I think that to have a girlfriend  isn't a very good idea, because you can't do some things without them or you have to ask them. I don't care about the colour hair or eyes, or these things but I prefer shorter girls than me. I don't like them to be dominating or to be chessy. At the moment, I don't like any girl. I prefer to be friends. I prefer pretty girls who are good people too.
Nowadays, like I said, I don't want to have a girl friend, because I'm good the way I am.


Regards to the personality, I would like him to be affectionate and funny. I would love him to make me laugh all the time. Regards to the physical apperance. I don't mind if he isn't very handsome. I  would like him for  his personality. If he is handsome even better but if he isn't it doesn't matter that much. I would like him to have short hair. Also, I would like him to have brown eyes. With these features, he would be perfect for me. I'm in love with a guy who is like that, but he is platonic love because he is my pop idol.


First of all I don't want a girlfriend because now I don't have time with waterpolo and my private English classes but if I had a girlfriend, I would like a girl who has blue eyes and long brown hair. She would be my perfect girl. I also like girls who make me laugh. But the most important of all is that she doesn't want many things like expecting  me to buy  her a lot of things . I don't like it if she is spoilt, etc.. I had a girlfriend but I didn't like her because she was very gaudy.
                                                                                                              Juan Jesus.


I want to meet a boy who makes me laugh. He would be a nice, kind person who is funny. If he is handsome, that would be even  better. He would have  to know  how to listen to me .Another quality would be that he is intelligent. I don't like bad boys. I like boys who like to  travel and visit other  cities or countries. If he has blue eyes and  brown hair too that would be extra. But the most important is that he has to be polite.
                                                                                                           Ines .


I don't have a boyfriend at the moment but my perfect boyfriend is a boy who has dark hair, green eyes and taller than me. Also he has to have a beautiful smile, I like this type of boy but I don't really have a "perfect boy"


I haven't got a boyfriend at the moment. I wouldn't  have  a boyfriend either , but if I had one I would want  him to be tall and thin with dark hair, honey brown  eyes, with a wonderful smile. But the most important think would that  he was a generous person, kind, sweet and gentleman.


I would like to have a girlfriend who is about the same age as me or 1 or 2 years younger. I would prefer, that she is shorter than me but I don't mind. I don't like serious girls. I like funny  pretty girl. I would like it that she likes travelling and she likes the same things as me. I like intelligent girls too.


I don't have a boyfriend at the moment but I would like to have one who is kind to me, who wants to be with me all the time. When we aren't together he will miss me very much.
I like tall boys and with dark hair, beautiful eyes. I love  boys who are funny and who are always laughing. A person who likes you the way you really are, not because of your appearance.

I would like a girl, who listens, is  intelligent,  and knows how to cook. I prefer them to be blonde, shorter than me, beautiful and muslim.  But the most important thing is that my mother agrees that she is right for me. I  think I would care for  her so if I can find a woman like this I'll be very happy for the  rest of my life.

I don't mind  if my girlfriend has dark or blond hair.I like girls who are shorter than me.I like kind,beautiful,clever,normal girls.I like girls who like listening  to me. Also I don't like trashy girls.I talk a lot  to  girls but I think I am more talkative with boys.I am with them longer.when I am not with my girlfriend.I like to talk with her.Now I don't have a girlfriend.

                                                                                                            Manuel Guerrero,12

I like boys who make me laugh I also like them to have dark hair and brown eyes if possible.
Personality I like boys to listen to me when I talk, to take care of me when I'm ill I like intelligent boys and always to be a lovely and good person.

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