lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015


We dream for about two hours every night .Our dreams are so mystifying or confusing it is difficult to remember them.Did you know that dreaming can help you learn ? It's our   brains way of processing and understanding new information . If you have the same dream or nightmare over and over again you are sending yourself  underlying messages to make a decision or solve a problem .
I think we are all fascinated by our dreams

I dreamt that a corridor at my Highschool was in the city centre. I was with two friends. We turned right and we were in a garage with more friends and the father of one of them.
Then a lot of boys came with guns. My friend's father who was a police man stopped them. We ran and found two police men.They didn't do anything. Then we found my friend's father dead on the floor.My eyes opened so the dream finished.I remember one or two dreams every night normally.
                                                                                                          Pablo, 13 years old.

I am going to write about a dream that I had ,I loved it very much but unfortunallty the dream finished. I dreamt that I woke up like every moorning ( I got dressed up I had breakfast...).And then I go to my Highscool .At my Highscool main entanceI saw Louis Tomlinson (from One Direction) but I thought that it couldn´t be true. When I was in class my teacher told me that my friends and I we are going to have a surprise. We went to the theatre hall and we saw One Direction ,then I started to cry and I hugged them I saw so excited I fainted Iwas taken to hospital. One Direction went with me.I can´t remember anymore I would like the last part of the dream to be true.

                                                                                                        Romaisa, 13 years old.

My dream is about a normal day but it´s different:
I dreamt I woke up and I went to my Highschool. There the teacher was listening to the radio and he told us "Go home now" and we were so surprised because we didn´t know what was happening.I went home and I asked my father what was had happened. He told me that there was a lot of zombies. I laughed because I played a lot of zombies games and I "know" all about them. I took knife and I started to kill them. When I dreamt about that I laughed because I think it would be very funny to cut off heads, arms, legs, etc. I love that dream.

                                                                                                                  Juan Jesús, 14 years old.

I dream a lot ,every time i sleep, I dream . My last dream was that I travelled to the 60s .
I saw the murder of John F. Kennedy and I met The Beatles. John Lennon and Paul MacCartney gave me their autograph. I travelled all around England, visiting ney places. Also I saw when my father was a child even a lot of things that aren't here today.

                                                                                      Juan Jose Rodriguez Recio 14 years old

Dreams are images that we see when we are sleeping because our brain is always working.
I ussually dream. Most of my dreams are very strange nightmares.
Once, I dreamt that I was in a world full of sweets. It was amazing! Candy floss trees, biscuits houses, candy canes like lamp postes, lolly pops on the ground... I loved it so much!
I think, that without dreams our lives would be unpleasiant and borrings.

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