sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

My friend:Marta
The best thing about my friend, Marta, is that she never complians about anything , if you say :" On Mondays there is only vegetables or fish". She doesn't put any any opposition. I think she is very clean and tidy, but maybe you can be bored with her, because she is always in her own world.
On the bad side, I only can say that she listens to a very loud music, not heavy , but rap or something like that , she likes it a lot.
She has one sister, but her sister is younger than her.
Also her parents parents are married , which is important because I think that divorced parents influence in a child's personality , if your parents are divorced you are more rebelious or  shier.
In my opinion she will make a very good flatmate  if I go to study at Uni.

Claudia Castro Martin.

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