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Advantages of having  (and living in...) a big family
A big family has some very strong advantages For example.
  • Children from big families are very cheerful and sociable, because they are used to talking with their siblings, their parents, etc.
  • When all the family is together, it is even funnier
  • You're not alone at weekends, you can go out with your brothers and sisters (of course if they let you)
  • You can have a hero (your Elder brother or sister)
  • You'll recibe more presents on your birthday (OK, no, that's a joke)
  • If you have a problema, you'll have somebody to talk about it I'm sure about that
  • You learn to be patient
  • Etc.
Desadvantages of having (and living in...) a big family.
  • Nowadays it is very difficult to have a big family because you usually don't have enough money to spend on seven children, for example
  • There's no privacy
  • You'll argue more often with your child because you'll be more stressed
  • The parents can't dedícate enough time to their children
  • Etc.
Advantages of having (and living in...) a small family:
  • Small families are usually easier than big ones, because if you have less children, you'll can have more time and be more relaxed
  • It's easier economically
  • Parents can dedícate enough time to their children
  • The child who doesn't have siblings has more self confidence in herself/himself and they're usually more mature, independent, ...
  • Etc.
Desadvantages of having (or living in...) a small family:
  • The child that doesn't have siblings is usually selfish
  • The child that doesn't have any brother or sister usually feels very lonely and antisocial

My opinion:

Sincerely,I prefer a small family but I wouldnt' want to be an only child. I think that's very cruel for a child, to not have brothers or sisters, and I think it's very boring, too
Two or three children could cheer you up when you are an adult and you're tired of working or the problems in your daily life. I think that two children is the ideal number. You can be relaxed and not leave one of your children alone. Apart from this, the other child can be  good company for the first child.
At least in my case it is like that. Although I usually argue with my sister like ten or eleven times a day about stupid things. Although I sometimes hate her, I almost love her... and it is good to have her around.
Sometimes, I think about bring an only child but I always come to the same conclusión. I love my sister... the mayority of the time and I wouldn't like to be an only child.

Sara Ahmadieh Mena

I think it  is better a big family I come from a small family. The advantages are that you are never lonely. If you have more siblings you learn how to get on with people and build relationships. When we are children who are learning to talk if they listen to more voices maybe we will start talking quicker. On the other hand the disadvantages are that there are more arguments and the children maybe angrier because their parents can't give  them enough attention . Also in small families there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that the children have their parents full attention. Parents are more relaxed. Lastly there is more money so there are more holidays. The disadvantages are that the children are spoilt and less responsible and they aren't very sociable.

Sandra Gaona Duque

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