jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Taking a short cut

I walked the dog after dinner last night and when it was time to return home ,I decided to take a short cut through the woods .On the edge of the woods stands a deserted house .When I walked passed the house I heard a strange noise .Suddenly the door opened slowly.I peeped in .I called out but nobody answered ,there was a deadly silence .But in the distance I could hear the strange again .I felt the urge to know what it  was .I walked towards the garden  nevertheless  there was nobody there only an axe on the floor near a log .Without warning my dog gave a strange bark and turned into a werewolf .I was so afraid my heart started to race .Therefore I ran back through the house where I stumbled over a head in the dark.With a great thump I fell to the ground hitting my head on the floor .Blood started to trickel slowly from my forehead .

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