lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

A person who was retired

I'm going to talk about  Mikel Aranburu.  He was the captain of the Real Sociedad football team.He was midfield and he scored 32 goals . After 14 years playing football in the Real Sociedad, he decided to retire. It was on the 3rd of May, in 2012, when he was 33 years old. He said that it was the best time to retire. I don't know what is he doing now, because he didn't want to say anything about his future.
I think that he retired at the right time, but maybe he should have retire two or three years late, because the best time to retire it is when you are about 35 years old.

Lucía Guerrero García

Fermin Cacho is an ex-athelete, specialist in 1500 metres race. He won a lot of olimpics medals.
He was very good at his sport, butwhen he was 32 years old , he decided to leave his athletic life.Now he is marries to a beautiful woman. They have three daughters. In 2006 he was the president of a Sport Club in Andújar, but now I think he doesn't work, beacause on the Internet there isn't any information after this year.

Claudia Castro Martin

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