viernes, 12 de julio de 2013


Ceuta is in the North of Africa, but it is a Spanish city.

  • Carnival is a famous holiday in Spain and in Ceuta it  has a long tradition. We celebrate it in February. People dress up with different fancy dress costumes.
  • Holy Week is also famous in Spain. It's a religious Holyday where we remember Jesus' death through processions with floats through the street>.

 The "Mochila" is only celebrated in Ceuta and families meet and spend the day in the
  country side and eat dry fruit.

  • The Fair is not only celebrated in Ceuta. It's a celebration where people go out at night until late and and there are also fair rides so it's so much fun. People dress up with regional costumes.

In ceuta we eat a lot of fresh fish and also Morrocan  style food. 

In Ceuta we use different ways of transport such as: Buses, Taxis, Boats and Helicopters. 

In Ceuta there are many shops where you can spend your time with friends shopping. 

There are places where to practice sports, have fun and keep cool  in  the summer.

 Here is where we live. We hope you liked it. :)

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