miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

The cinema´s screen

On Friday night I went to the cinema. There, I met my friends. They were showing such a popular film that the cinema was full. We saw the unbeliable film called "Breaking Dawn Part 2". My friends and I sat in the first row which meant we couldn't see very well so we couldn't enjoy the film so much. Suddenly the room shook and the screen fell on top of us. I was so lucky that I was carrying my pen-knife. With great difficulty I made a hole in the screen which enabled me to get out from under the screen. I made some more holes in the screen so that my friends could breathe. Unfurtunately I didn't know but they were all dead. I decided to call an ambulance on my mobile phone. I was very nervious because the ambulance took such a long time to come. Just then I heard my mother's voice shouting "Get up, you lazy monkey It's time for school!!

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