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A terrible Holiday

I went to London a few years ago and it was the worst holiday I've had in my life. First of all,  I went with some friends: Angelina,  Almu and Leonor. We lived in different towns,so we decided to meet at the airport.
Almu was late and we missed the flight,  so we had to wait for hours to catch another flight. On the way to London,the flight was terrifying,  because it was so bumpy and Angelina vomited on the plane food.
When we arrived at the airport, a man stole Leonor's gloves, so she got cold on the way to the hotel. You may think that's not so bad, but it was.
We stayed in "The Moon" hotel, which was very basic.  The bathroom only had one shower and we were four people,so someone didn't have time to shower. The food wasn't very tasty and I didn't eat breakfast for four days.
We went sightseeing,  and one day we tried to visit a museum, but the guard stopped me because he thought that I was a terrorist, so I had to wait for my friends outside.
When we walked to Hyde Park,  Angelina got lost and we called  the police.  A few hours later, we found her in a lake: she wanted to take a photo of a swan and she fell in. So she came to the hotel and changed her clothes.
Later,  Almu was mean because she didn't pay for her food. When the holiday finished, Leonor,  Angelina and I argued with Almu,  and our friendship with her finished, because when we were sleeping Almu took our clothes and put them under the shower.
If you want to go on a holiday with some friends,  please think twice before doing so,  because your friendship will come to an end.
Maria Flores

Hi, I'm going to talk about my terrible holiday. I went to Germany with my family. First, I missed the plane, I can't speak any German and it was very difficult to understand the people. We had  terrible weather, it was raining and cold, and we couldn´t see the monuments. And even worse: we lost all the money and had to come back to Spain sooner than expected!
Adrián Sánchez

A year ago I  went to a hotel. It was very bad because it didn´t have good rooms. The bedroom only had a bed, it didn´t have a TV and the wardrobe was very old. The food was good, but my sister was sick. I went to a big shop, but I didn´t buy anything. On the first day, I went to the swimming pool with my sister and it was terrible - the water was very dirty and hot. At night, I always went to a restaurant with my parents and my sister. I liked it because the food was really good, and the place was luxurious and very big. In the afternoon, I always read a book because the following month I had an exam. It was very boring. One night, at 1:45, there was a party, the music was very loud which  meant  I  couldn´t sleep. The following week, I went to my aunt´s house. My aunt´s dog bit my father´s leg. They went to the hospital while I stayed with my sister. When I came back home, I did the exam but the whole class failed it!
Marina Gómez

Last summer, I went to Germany but everything was bad. The first day, I went to the supermarket as I was out with the food, a thief appeared and stole my hotel keys. I was at the hotel reception for 3 hours. I was lucky because they remembered me. The second day, it rained all day so I couldn’t go out. The third day, it stopped raining, so I went out. I decided to take a ship but I was seasick so I couldn’t enjoy it, and it was so expensive. The fourth day, I met two friends, the only good thing of the travel. We went to the cinema and had a great time, but I forgot my wallet so I couldn’t buy popcorn and coke.  The fifth day was the last day. I arrived late at the airport, so I missed my flight, and had to wait there for 5 hours because I didn’t have any money to buy another ticket for an earlier flight. It was the worst holiday of my life.

Last winter, I went to China with my parents, to go sightseeing, to know more about the country and to learn more about the culture, too.We booked our plane tickets two months in advance, because we foresaw they were going to be expensive. The day before the flight, the plane broke down, so all the people there had to buy another ticket.When I was on the plane, the food was off, the flight was bumpy and I vomited. The flight was long, VERY VERY LONG! In my opinion, it was terrible!And then, when we landed, I couldn´t find my luggage!Suddenly, I saw a man who was carrying my bag, so I ran after him.Then, we got a taxi, but we couldn´t understand the driver, because he was talking in chinese!It was very expensive, too.We went to the hotel and, of course, we couldn´t understand anyone.Then, there was a problem: they didn´t remember that we had booked a room! After an hour, we could go to our room.Next day, we went sightseeing around the city, but then, we couldn´t find our hotel. When we found it, we couldn´t find the key either!We asked the recepcionist, and she brought us another one.I didn´t like the food in many restaurants, so we walked to the centre to find the “king of the restaurants”.At night, I couldn´t sleep very well, so the following day I was very tired.We went to very famous monuments and different touristic places.After a week, we left the hotel and went to the airport. We forgot the tickets in the hotel, so we had to go back.Then, we were on the plane again. The flight was bumpy again and the food was still horrible, too!Finally, we went home, and our “terrible holidays” finished.
Alicia del Castillo Fossati

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